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20 Dec 2012

Winter SOS: Lip Salvation

lip winter essentials

See what I did with the title? ;)
The worst thing about winter is dry lips. I can't bear it. I always have a million lip balms floating around, I don't want to get caught out and I have been known to rush to shop to buy one had I left the house without any. So for me a multiple supply is a must! Lip balm companies must make a mint out of me in winter ;) 

A lip scrub is also pretty essential (in my opinion). You can make them super easily but I have been drawn to is this Lemon Cupcake flavour from For Goodness Grape - it really does taste of Lemon Cupcakes! I steer clear of mineral oil based and the Natural/organic ones I have been loving recently are Jason Aloe & Beeswax - a lovely mint flavour and Estelle & Third which has a yummy raspberry flavour. Both super moisturising with long lasting results. 

Nuxe Reve De Miel is a gorgeous balm. Lovely and thick with a orange flavour that reminds me of the chocolate orange cream's from Roses - good enough to eat! This is too thick for the daytime so I use this over night as a treatment and leave it to work it's magic. 

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Are you a lip balm fiend? 


  1. I have loads of lipbalms, I never seem to finish one up! I do love the look of the Nuxe one for a deep overnight treatment on my lips. I might have to treat myself!

    leanne @ Leanne- Marie.com xx

    1. Oh it's lovely you should defo treat yourself. But just be warned, you may want to eat it :D x

  2. I'm a balm addict :) The best one I've tried so far is definitely the 100% shea butter salve from L'Occitane! It's brilliant xx

    1. I love their hand cream but never tried the salve! Will need to purchase that! Thanks :) x


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