Operation Spending Ban: Update #2


I had a little Christmas money that I WAS going to save but a few pretties caught my eye (damn you Illamasqua sale), and after asking around it was general consensus that I was not cheating the spending ban as it was pre-ban money!
What do ya think? Naughty step?
I did feel guilty….that is until they turned up yesterday…
….and to justify it even further, I picked colours that I don’t really have. Yep, justifications all over the place here…
But you know I have no more excuses now and if (not that it will happen…!) I spend any money I will allow you to give me a firm slap on the wrist! I do urge all non spending ban peeps to check out the Illamasqua sale though link, £35 for this lot! I didn’t pay full price for the YSL Glossy Stain either so that was a bargain too.
How is everyone else doing 
on the spending ban?

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