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13 Oct 2013

Goats Cheese, Spinach, Pine Nut 'Pizza'

As well as going low carb I have decided to try a gluten free diet, there are a few symptoms (I won't bore you with those now) that have sparked curiosity so I figured there was no harm in having a go and seeing if gluten could really be the devil. I'm not doing particularly well if you must know but Monday will see me be very strict! I bought some gluten free wraps as I was wanting an option for lunch and there was a great little idea on the back of the packet which suggested using them as pizza bases. 
Er pizza for lunch? 
OK then
The wraps are from Warburtons by the way if you were on the lookout, pretty darn tasty too, especially when they crisp round the side from oven baking. 

Ingredients for one: 
Square wraps - Gluten free or not I like the offerings form Warburtons
One tomato
Oregano or basil
Half a clove of garlic
Pine Nuts - small handful
Goats Cheese
Pepper Confit - if you can't find this or can't eat sugar then use roasted peppers should work

Preheat oven to gas mark 5, 190 degrees

Toast the pine nuts in a dry frying pan.
Blanch the tomato, then peel and de-seed. 
Blend this with some fresh oregano or basil, the garlic and some seasoning. 

For one person I cut the wrap in half and spread the tomato sauce over the top.

Layer the spinach, goats cheese, pine nuts and pepper confit.
Pop in the oven for 8-10 minutes.  

Then if you are lucky you might end up with something like this below.
Which admittedly looks a little like it did when it first dived into the oven. Ahem. 

Pop some rocket or lambs lettuce on top for a swanky look.
Just joking, the lambs lettuce adds another flavour dimension and I think rocket would work fantastically especially with a balsamic glaze (not if you are gluten free of course!)

Are you gluten free? Some tips would be great please! My main problem would be that lovely cold glass of beer...

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  1. I'm gluten free and it does suck at times (I miss cake!) but there are some really good recipes out there for alternatives. Grab yourself some bags of Dove's Farm flour because they're a really good wheat flour replacement. My bottle of GF soy sauce has lasted forever as well, so it's worth investing in. Check out some blogs like The Intolerant Gourmet and Gluten Free on a Shoestring, and Hemsley & Hemsley do some really nice GF stuff. Use Genius bread at all costs, but Warburtons for rolls etc. Oh, and Sainsbury's Free From cherry bakewells are MUCH nicer than Tesco! :-)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Will check everything out, I certainly can't live without soy sauce! :)

  2. This looks incredible, I am now officially very hungry! The Warburtons wraps are great, never even thought of using them as a pizza base.

    Girlintheblackhat x

  3. I've wondered this for a while too, one of my friends has coeliac so can't eat gluten & every time I moan to her about feeling bloated she tells me to try gluten free! I don't think I have a the will power though! This looks amazing, it's like all of my favourite things in one & I'm craving pine nuts now!

    1. Oh gosh I love pine nuts! It will probably be a pain in the beginning but think if it would make you feel better it will be worth it :)

  4. oh man, that looks delicious!! I have tried these Warburtons wraps before and they are really good, you have definitely given me a great idea for the weekend brunch :D xx


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