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22 Nov 2013

One Direction Oh My Glow Cheek Tint in Rose Riot

One Direction Oh My Glow Cheek Tint in Rose Riot

Now can we just keep this between ourselves please. I wouldn't want to be seen as a 1D fan thank you very much. This was all some kind of force to be reckoned with. I mean I was only idly swatching some bits in Superdrug whilst killing time before an optician appointment. Then somehow a One Direction cheek tint landed in my hand and one swipe of the product caused a stir followed by a oooh isn't that pretty. I quickly realised what was happening and popped the cheek tint back in the display feeling rather dirty.  But still it was there at the back of my mind so when I needed to add just one more thing to my online MUA basket I couldn't leave it behind....   

One Direction Oh My Glow Cheek Tint in Rose Riot swatch
One Direction Oh My Glow Cheek Tint in Rose Riot  swatch

It actually shows up a lot more in real life than in the picture directly above. I find the formula a cream to powder finish not too dissimilar to the Bourjois cream blushes but with more of a punchy pigmentation. The cheek tint is very creamy and one swipe on the cheeks is all you need which is easily blended with fingers. For a couple of quid you've got an excellent long lasting blush. The only downside is mine has come away from the packaging inside which means it falls out, and in this instance bounced on my keyboard. Try cleaning that up..

You can find this and the other shades from Superdrug

Have you tried any of the One Direction makeup from MUA? They really know their market don't they?
Clever boys...

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  1. Its a nice colour on you..maybe I am being snobby but I wouldn't rush to buy 1D make-up !
    http://vodkaandarose.blogspot.co.uk Jess. x

    1. You're not being snobby, I wouldn't either!

  2. I can't stand 1D Sam but it does look a nice little product and a lovely colour! x

    1. Can't stand 'em either Jenny! Luckily I can peel the label off ;) x


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