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2 Jan 2014

Outfit Styling #5

Printed Joggers

Printed Joggers by honeygolightly featuring a jeweled purse

OK after setting this all I go to check which post number I'm up to and realise that out of 5 posts this is the 3rd with a pair of  printed trousers! Reeks of obsession, but this pair are too good to let pass (spoken like a true addict). So only to emphasise the obsession I have ordered them. I have no regrets. Well only one, that being that they were £20 when I purchased and now they are bloody £15. Sods law!  

Anyway, now I need the shoes, the bag and the top (shoes especially, beauts!). Stacking rings have been on the mental list for a while and these rose gold babies from River Island fit the bill.

Have you found any great bargains in the sales?

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  1. The shoes are fab.....and the joggers.....I like my comfy joggers....must be the granny in me!! Happy New Year. x


    1. I live in comfy joggers or PJ's so don't feel bad about it ;)
      Happy New Year too!

  2. I can't even explain how much I want a pair of printed joggers!


    1. You must get some Steph! Comfy and stylish ;)


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