Outfit Styling #9

Coral Club

Coral Club by honeygolightly featuring polish jewelry

I really love putting these posts together so I am aiming to publish weekly. What do we think? I know I’ve said it before but I generally have so many posts I want to get out there that the styling posts get put on the back burner. So Monday’s it will be as I really do want more fashion on the blog. Also I want to change the title, Outfit Styling just doesn’t have that something something for me so any ideas are welcome!
Back to the outfit, Cleated Shoes are really not my usual style but I can’t help being drawn to them. To be honest I haven’t seem any up close so that could all change but I have rather the thing for the River Island sandals. The sole is not as thick as the regular ones I’ve seen about and the gold detailing on the top sets it apart from the usual monochrome variations out there. I think gold jewellery will work best due to the gold on the sandals and having a little peruse on Accessorize as it’s been a while I came across this gorgeous chain bracelet. I love a good stack ring so I threw in the triple gold ring for good measure. 
I am on the hunt for a black jumpsuit, I know I know, I still haven’t gotten that Spring memo but black pieces just keep calling me! This jumpsuit fits the bill perfectly. The mesh top adds a different dimension and stop’s it looking too plain. To add a touch of colour and as the toes are out to play I would go with a bright nail polish. The coral shade from Models Own will add that pop of colour. Keeping in with the coral theme a brightly coloured bag will break up the black and bring the outfit back to Spring. 

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    • 16th April 2014 / 7:30 pm

      Coral is perfect for spring πŸ™‚

    • 16th April 2014 / 7:30 pm

      The bag is lush πŸ™‚

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