Kylie Lip Kit Review: Posie K, Candy K & 22

kylie lip kits review

I’ll start by saying yes; I watch the Kardashian’s. I’m a reality TV addict, there I’ve said it. I don’t follow their every move however, well until Kylie ventured into the lip kit making that is. These bastards sell out in 5 mins and I only ever found out they went on sale until they had sold out. I figured out I needed to join her bloody website to get sale times, which I did for her only to start posting the times all over her social media. Enjoy my £2.08 Kylie! Anyway, I finally found out a time and stayed up till 12pm to order them (I’ve lost the plot I know!). I give into the hype way too easily but I am obsessed with liquid lipsticks so it was a given (you only need to read my liquid lipstick post).

I signed up to the Kylie Cosmetics website before hand so I wouldn’t be faffing around with added in my address etc. I knew the shades I wanted and lo and behold I managed to get them. I ordered Candy K, Posie K and 22. I’m sure you probably all know but they are $29 for each kit and UK delivery is $15. I got hit with £12.08 customs so they worked out about £27.50 each which in the grand scheme of things isn’t too bad when you get a lip pencil too.

kylie lip kit review


But are they worth it?

Yes I think so. I definitely don’t need the liners but I guess that’s her ‘thing’ to over line them and fill in so I can see why she’s marketed them as such plus it’s a pretty unique set in that terms. The formula of these are very liquidy and the tube has no stopper so you need to a. be careful to not drip it over you and b. wipe excess off on the top which can get a bit messy. There is nothing ground breaking with the doe foot but application is easy. They dry incredibly quick and once dry you can barely feel them on plus they are transfer proof. They last so well too, I really do think this is a great formula. Candy K I’m not so sure on me but Posie K and 22 are gorgeous! Posie a beautiful pinky nude which leans more of a dusky pink and 22 is a muted orange red for which I have no dupes for, a rarity! That makes me feel somewhat better for dropping so much dollar. I want Koko K and would love to try True Brown but if it would probably look ridiculous on me.

I would prefer not to by the liner and they need a stopper but other than that I think they are great and worth needing to use cocktail sticks the next day to keep my eyes open.

Have you succumbed to the hype?


  1. 26th April 2016 / 7:28 pm
    I'm so glad you did a post on these, I have seen mixed reviews and my daughters friend bought 3 and they were empty! So it kind of put me off, I'm still on the fence due to customs charges but they are lovely on you, I think all 3 look lovely, and now I'm thinking hmmmm should I? I am still on the fence but I'm leaning more to the "buy them" side of it, I'll let you know if I do :) xxxx Zoe ♥ MammafulZo
    • Sam
      29th April 2016 / 9:08 pm
      I hope she gets a refund! I have since heard a few bad stories but I think generally most people have got them fine. I do love them especially 22! xx

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