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You may have seen Cheerz around these parts a few times now but if not I’ll recap. Cheerz are an online photo printing website that are just a little bit different. The collections range from magnets to the new beautiful photo albums. You can not only download pictures from your computer but also take them from your Facebook and Instagram. I like taking some from the latter as I use filters and it’s lovely to have them in printed form. 

cheerz photo book review

Cheerz have now introduced Photo Albums which come in array of gorgeous shades. The idea is simple, choose your shade (I went for the mint green) and download the pictures you want to include in your album. You can choose from 12 all the way up to 150 but bare in mind the more you pick you may end up needing extra pages which will cost extra. 

cheerz picture review cheerz pictures

Once the pictures are uploaded you can set about designing the layout. There are options to put one picture across the page or down to much smaller sizes. The quality is incredible and the album pages are thick and sturdy which is all housed in a keepsake box. These photo albums would make a great present for someone like a grandparent.

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