A Helping Hand Mid-Month


Has an unexpected bill just turned up at your door and payday is too far away? Yep we’ve all been there. When I was a singleton working in a restaurant I was paid every two weeks and by the end of that fortnight I would always need to borrow a few bob off friends to last me the extra couple of day’s. Living beyond your means is never a good idea so now these day’s I am much more responsible and try to save for a rainy day where possible. At the moment it’s for a house but I don’t feel adult enough for such a responsibility. I worry for the times those unplanned bill’s turn up for that broken boiler or when the washing machine decides to pack up and jump ship. 

There are a few simple places to look to for short term lending at times if you have come up to difficulty in the middle of the month and that unexpected car bill needs paying. Like Vivus. They let you borrow up to £300 for a maximum of 41 day’s and calculate the interest per each day that you need to borrow it for. Example; if you need to borrow £100 then the repayment for 14 day’s is £105.80 in total. 

It’s not a situation you want to land yourself in monthly but for a once off it’s a quick and simple way to financially help you mid-month and leave you extra time to prepare and hold back on spending for the next month ahead. 


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