How to Optimize Your Dating Profile: An Infographic

dating infographicOnline dating makes it easier than ever for you to meet new people. What you put into your profile, however, could have a big influence on how many people ask you out on dates. Somewhat surprisingly, about one-third of the people who use dating websites and mobile apps have never actually gone on a date with the potential suitors they meet online. How they present themselves could have a lot to do with that.

Recent research shows that you can use certain buzz words and photographs to make your profile more popular. For instance, men who use words like “surfing,” “yoga,” and “ocean” are more likely to get attention from women. Simply including those words could boost your popularity.

Your profile’s photo can also affect how many people reach out to you. Profile pics of women usually get more attention when they’re looking at the camera and smiling flirtatiously. Oddly enough, men get more attention for doing the opposite. If you’re looking away from the camera without a smile on your face, more people will contact you.

The world of online dating is still fairly new, but it’s becoming a common way for people to find romance. Check out the following facts so you can learn how to make your profile more effective.


How to Optimize Your Dating Profile Infographic

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