Inject Some Summer into Your Living Room (plus a discount code)

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Looking out through the window all I can see is grey skies and rain streaming down from them. Is summer already over? I hope not as I have a child to entertain over the next month and venturing outside kinda helps with that. Pray for me. In the meantime, I have had a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered from Blossoming Gifts. At least I can brighten up the inside and shut out the grey drizzle from the outside. 

I chose the ‘Summer Garden’ bouquet as the gorgeous oranges and pinks shouted out to me. The whole bunch is so pretty and warms up the room. The roses are called ‘Miss Piggy’ roses – ha… and you also get Scented Salmon (the flower, not the fish), Classic La Lilies and Dalida Germini. 

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It’s really easy peasy to order from them. Select which bouquet takes your fancy, select the delivery option and off you go. It arrives safe and sound all boxed up.  Now time to treat yo’self. Get 33% off a bunch with code BGIFTS33. You could always send a bunch to someone else too I suppose… 


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